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How To Change Propane Companies

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Many propane consumers stay with their current propane supplier simply because of the 'unknowns' concerning how-to change.  Regardless of how much that company may be overcharging or how bad their service has become.  We’ve noticed that other large propane companies try to charge hidden fees and penalties if customer attempts to change providers.  These are

Leading the PROPANE industry with Genuine Care

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Northern New Mexico Gas Company has been delivering propane to communities in and around Angel Fire, Taos, Raton, Des Moines and Las Vegas for over 70 years.  Our cornerstone for those 70+ years has been customer care.  Not just a smile as we answer the phone, but going the extra mile to assure that you,

New Propane Exchange Location

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New Propane Exchange in Raton, New Mexico Northern New Mexico Gas has been steadily increasing Propane Exchange locations in northeastern New Mexico for the past 2 years.  Our newest location, at Records Ace Hardware, in Raton, New Mexico will allow customers in and around the area to have access to a local exchange.  With propane exchange

Super Bowl Prep in Northern New Mexico

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Preparing for a Super Bowl Party in Northern New Mexico. With the big game taking place Sunday, we felt it necessary to provide a little note regarding successful Super Bowl parties and foods you may find in Northern New Mexico at those great parties.  Let's take a look - Of course Green Chile - We do prefer adding this to