How To Change Propane Companies

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Many propane consumers stay with their current propane supplier simply because of the 'unknowns' concerning how-to change.  Regardless of how much that company may be overcharging or how bad their service has become.  We’ve noticed that other large propane companies try to charge hidden fees and penalties if customer attempts to change providers.  These are

Leading the PROPANE industry with Genuine Care

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Northern New Mexico Gas Company has been delivering propane to communities in and around Angel Fire, Taos, Raton, Des Moines and Las Vegas for over 70 years.  Our cornerstone for those 70+ years has been customer care.  Not just a smile as we answer the phone, but going the extra mile to assure that you,

Propane Emergencies Fire Training

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Angel Fire, NM - We experienced a very successful training this past weekend.  Thank you to all attendees and first responders. The Propane Emergencies Training was hosted by Northern New Mexico Gas Company  at the Colfax County Angel Fire Airport.     Over 45 fireman were in attendance for this comprehensive training program specifically targeted to issues of

New Mexico Propane Emergencies Training

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ANGEL FIRE NM – Northern New Mexico Gas Company, the area’s leading propane delivery and service provider, has partnered with the New Mexico Propane Gas Association (NMPGA) to provide a “Propane Emergencies Training” program for area firefighters and emergency responders. The Propane Emergencies program is a comprehensive training program adopted by 27 state firefighter academies

The New TaosPropane.com

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We have a new partner website directed towards our new Taos propane delivery and propane service areas.  TaosPropane.com is currently a landing page with information that directs all link inquiries back to the Northern New Mexico Gas main site. We appreciate all of the online interaction and will continue to try to bring new updated content and

New Taos Office Location

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For 70+ years, Northern New Mexico Gas Company has been delivering propane and providing premium propane services and products in and around the communities of Angel Fire, Taos, Taos Ski Valley, Las Vegas and Raton. At Northern New Mexico Gas Company we take pride in contributing to the communities we serve and look forward to meeting new people every day. Does your current